Thursday, March 12, 2009

GrandCentral To (Finally) Launch As Google Voice. It’s Very, Very Good.

GrandCentral To (Finally) Launch As Google Voice. It’s Very, Very Good.

Ok, this is very cool and the answer (possibly) to alot of my problems. I have 4 work phone numbers, 2 work cell phones, 2 home phone numbers, 1 home cell phone, and i need to make it all work together. I NEED this to work!

-till later

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm still here

Hard to believe I haven't written any blog entries in a month. Things have been just too crazy between work, vacation and home. Hopefully I will get back at it and get at least an entry a week up there. Writing in it is a nice outlet for thoughts and interesting things I find on the web, and I feel sort of "bottled up" when I don't post anything. So, another busy day today, but I'm going to try to be more timely in getting some posts up here!

For now, let me just say that if you have an IPhone, you REALLY want the new, free Amazon Kindle for Iphone application that lets you read kindle books on your phone. It is a fantastic application, and now I can keep my reading moving forward in all those little time wasting "cracks" in my life, like waiting for meals at restaraunts or at airports or other places where I dont have my Kindle handy. Between the kindle itself and this new app, I have rediscovered the love I have for reading. It's great!